Japan's Upcoming Live-Action Pokémon Series Is About Falling For The Classic Game Boy Title


Airing on Tokyo TV this October

The Pokémon Company has today announced that a brand-new live-action series about Pokémon is set to air in Japan from 19th October — however, it may not be the show that you would expect (thanks, Serebii).

Unlike the ace 'live-action' animation of the Detective Pikachu film, this upcoming series — titled 'Pocket Filled with Adventure' in English — doesn't appear to be set in a Pokémon world, but rather it will be about the act of playing Pokémon.

The news was shared by Tokyo TV, which will house the series this October, and @SerebiiNet was able to provide a little more information about the story itself. According to Serebii, the show will follow Madoka Akagi (played by Nanase Nishino), who discovers a love for Pokémon Red after moving to a new job in Tokyo — so, there might not be any actual Pokémon to see here...

The series will begin on 19th October and a new episode will air every Thursday on Tokyo TV. As to whether the show will receive a wider release at a later date, we just don't know yet — though our fingers are crossed. It might not be the live-action Pokémon series that we had imagined, but we're intrigued to see what direction this concept heads in.

What do you make of this upcoming Pokémon live-action series? Is it what you expected? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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