Prototype For Unreleased GameCube Platformer 'Pickles' Has Been Discovered


"The game about monkeys riding unicycles"

A Nintendo collector and YouTuber has discovered a lost prototype for an unreleased game developed by Santa Cruz Games for the GameCube.

cake bought a dev GameCube but inside he discovered a disc for a unreleased GameCube game. Testing out the prototype, he discovered it was for Pickles, a platformer/adventure game all about monkeys riding unicycles. Well, at least, that's what we know.

According to cake, he believes the disc has 12 levels on it, split between two different worlds, but the prototype is proving to be a bit unstable, meaning he's only got the first world to work currently. The level in question appears to be a big wharf, with wooden pathways suspended above water.

cake has managed to capture some of the footage of the prototype and shared it on Twitter. You can check out the footage below.

Most other data we can find on this game has been compiled by unseen64, which reveals that Santa Cruz was working on the title in 2005/06. The demo that cake is playing may well be the demo referred to on the site. It was apparently shown at Game Connection 2006 but otherwise has barely been seen since.

cake is planning to dump the ROM of the game online — in what would be an important move for game preservation. cake also wants to make a YouTube video documenting the available levels and footage, meaning the game that we once knew very little about will be revealed to the world.

Have you heard of Pickles before? What do you think of this new footage? Let us know in the comments.


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